Little Italy Neighborhood Tour

Saturdays 9:30am-11:30am 

Start your adventure through the Italian quarter with us at the landmark Café Zucchero. Savor an Italian breakfast that the locals favor, a frothy cappuccino and a Sicilian breakfast pastry called Inis that is a ½ pound giant, round, brioche donut, filled with sweetened ricotta crème and chocolate–it is the bomb! Only Café Zucchero has them. They are to die for!!!

Then, our amazing behind the scenes sightseeing experience begins as you get a one of a kind glimpse into the Italian quarter–Little Italy, San Diego–a neighborhood with an Italian presence since 1871. Six thousand families of Genovese and Sicilian origin once called this home. The salty sea air, the ready-made port, the date palms, bougainvillea, geraniums, olive trees and cactus plants reminded many Italians of their sunny fishing villages back home. They painted their tiny wooden bungalow homes the colors favored by their ancestors. They built their own boats, fished with hand-sewn nets, cultivated fruit and vegetable gardens, made fresh pasta by hand and baked golden loaves of sesame-topped Italian bread in igloo-shaped backyard ovens. Discover hidden neighborhood Little Italy landmarks along the way that chart their story through time:

  • their beautiful church with stunning religious art-frescoes, oil paintings and stained glass
  • historic homes from the 19th century
  • artifacts from the days when the Genovese & Sicilian fishermen dominated the seas
  • the Prohibition era, when for a brief time the infamous Black Hand intimidated from the shadows
  • plus, a visit to an Italian grocery store built in the 1920’s & much more…

For a time, for the local Italians of Little Italy–paradise was theirs…

We recreate the historic world “that was” with archival photos, untold stories and folklore and highlight the hip and cool neighborhood Little Italy has become!

Ticket Price: $29

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