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How You Can Drink Coffee like a Real Italian

24 October, 2018

It’s a daily ritual for millions. It’s a motivator on the groggiest of Mondays. It’s a magic brew sipped around the world. 

There are almost as many ways to order coffee as there are folks who drink it —  Light roast. Dark brew. Iced. Black.

Ask any barista and they’ll tell you a coffee order is as unique as the person ordering it. This should come as no surprise. Coffee is something many of us are passionate about it. We know what we like and are willing to pay to get our liquid jolt just how we like it. In America, we’ve become quite spoiled in our coffee ordering habits — iced-peppermint-mochas, unicorn-lattes and frozen-glitter-macchiato.  In Italy, you won’t find anyone ordering a salted soy caramel cappuccino, though. So, what do Italians order when they want a cup of joe?

Here are a 5 tips to help you drink coffee like a real italiano

  • Espresso – this is not a drink, it’s a setting and a term for measuring out a dose. When Italians want an “espresso,” they simply ask for “un caffe” (a coffee).
  • Simplicity – resist your urge to order a half-caf.  3-pump vanilla latte with extra foam. In Italy, you won’t find it.
  • Morning Milk – Cappuccino can be enjoyed in the morning cup but not after 11AM. Caffe is often served as part of the dinner meal.
  • Drink and Go – Italians stand, sip and skedaddle in a matter of minutes. You won’t find couches and cushioned chairs at an authentic Italian coffee shop.
  • Honor the Trinitycappuccino: a shot of espresso with foamed milk; macchiato: espresso with a dash of steamed milk; caffe latte: espresso with hot milk and no foam

Now you can enjoy your caffe like a true Italian. We have nothing against raspberry mochaccinos but there’s something to be said for caffeinated simplicity. Our OLD SCHOOL FOOD TOUR stops in San Diego’s most authentic Italian cafes. After all, we know your caffe will taste even better with a fresh cannoli.

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