Little Italy Pizza Tour

SATURDAYS @ 2:30-5:30pm
{ Important! This tour ends 5/26 and will be replaced with our new Slice of Little Italy & Bocce Tour beginning June 2nd!}

Few things in life satisfy like fresh baked pizza, hot out of the oven! Years and years ago, the only places to get pizza were in the Little Italy enclaves.  Today, there are only a few Little Italy’s left in the whole country.

On this exciting culinary food tour, you are going to sample pizza at some of Little Italy, San Diego’s best!

Let our Italian guide take you on an adventure to 4 popular Little Italy locales to sample the goods. By day’s end you will have tasted many gourmet pizza varieties brought to you by restaurant owners from Milan, Naples, Sicily and Liguria.

Thin crust or thick. Neapolitan or Sicilian. With cheese or without. Brick oven, coal, gas or wood-fired. Traditional or cucina nuova. Our Italian guide will help you sort all the different styles/methods of preparing pizza in this entertaining program in the Italian quarter from the company at the official tour company in the neighborhood–Little Italy Tours Inc.

Plus, our local guide will share with you, the thrilling story of pizza from antiquity (eaten in ancient Greece & Rome) to today where it has become the most popular food in America. They will also share details about the people & places we will visit in Little Italy as we sample a fabulous array of the neighborhood’s best pizza.  You’ll also meet some locals along the way (maybe learn some Italian) and feel like part of the family. The Little Italy Pizza Tour also includes Italian wine!

Join us for a tasty food tour that really delivers…

Ticket Price: $49