Old School Little Italy Food Tour

TUESDAYS &  WEDNESDAYS  •  4:00PM-7:00PM  •  All Ages Welcome

The Old School Little Italy Food Tour is a tour that unveils the hidden cuisine of the Italians–the way they really eat at home.
This is the food of nonna–the way she cooked and baked for her family back in the day in Little Italy. If you’re just looking for nouvelle cuisine–this tour may not be for you.


  • Visit 5 Little Italy restaurants and taste many wonderful old style selections that are popular with Italians at home
  • Glass of Italian wine and an Italian aperitivo cocktail are included.
  • Meet local Italians along the way and hear compelling stories about the Little Italy neighborhood during a thrilling culinary/cultural experience that you will never forget.

What makes this food so special? Can’t I get this food in Italian restaurants everywhere?

Well–quite frankly a lot of things you might find on an Italian American restaurant menu are items that Italians in Italy would not even recognize. But Americans perceive them to be the “real McCoy”. So, if it sells, it serves.

Most Italians/restaurant owners eat rustic style at home. It’s peasant food. It fills your tummy and warms your soul. It has heart. It’s not arranged daintily on a plate. We’ll leave that to the French, ok?

How can you taste this food?
Well–you can make friends with an Italian family and hope they invite you over. That could take a while! So, unless you have that kind of time, we suggest an easier way! Book this tour and the general manager of Little Italy Tours Inc. will welcome you like family!  You will be whisked around Little Italy to eat and drink with him.  You will enjoy the food his mother made for him when he was growing up a Sicilian in Brooklyn. He will order special items buried in the menu (you must know where to look) and things that are not on the menu that only Italians know about. Plus, his stories at the table will keep you thoroughly entertained.

And you’ll feel like a local as you are introduced to friends of his all over the neighborhood. It’s like you stepped back in time and now you have a friend in the Italian quarter.

There’s plenty of interesting food to sample at 5 different Little Italy restaurants–an Italian aperitivo cocktail and Italian wine are included. One thing is for sure. If you join us–you’ll be telling all your friends about the marvelous time you had in the Italian quarter. You’ll eat well and you’ll have an adventure! And that is an offer you can’t refuse.

Ticket Price: $69