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A Masterpiece of Simplicity – the Italian Kitchen

14 January, 2018

A skilled artist takes pride not only in his creation but also in his tools. Each paintbrush, each instrument, each sculpting knife is chosen to bring a masterpiece to life. This passion for perfection defines the kitchens of Italian cooks. Amid simmering pots of tomato sauce and counters draped in flour-dusted pasta lay the tools to create a meal full of history, tradition and flavors.

High-tech, top-of-the line gadgets aren’t important here. What you find in the kitchen of Italian home cooks is what was there generations ago. Authentic Italian food is prepared with tools and hands trained in the richness of tradition. Nonna doesn’t need the latest gizmo or expensive appliance. She needs the worn handle of her wooden spoon or the sharpened edge of her mezzaluna.

Italian cooking is about flavor, not flashiness. If you have the right ingredients and the right tools, you can cook with passion. Below is a list of the Top 5 Utensils you might find in nonna’s kitchen.

  1. Wooden spoon – specifically one with a hole in it. This type of spoon is extremely versatile and used for stirring everything from marinara sauce to creamy risotto.
  2. Rolling pin – homemade pasta would be near impossible without this, not to mention many Italian desserts.
  3. Mezzaluna – this crescent shaped blade chops garlic and herbs with ease.
  4. Colander – after cooking, you use this to drain the pasta water.
  5. Grater – perfect for grating parmgiano cheese and dark chocolate for Italian sweets.

Italian cooking is from the heart. The right tools bring to life recipes that have been shared across generations. The 5 items above are not rare or hard to find — chances are you have some in your kitchen right now! So, why not channel your inner Italian chef and make a masterpiece tonight? For inspiration, check out our guide to fresh Italian ingredients here.

Want to see what a master can do with these humble tools? Join one of our delicious food tours in Little Italy. Let our own Italian-born chefs be your inspiration. Your belly will say grazie!

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